Get Your Car Plans Ready!

We’ll help you visualise how you’d want your car to look before you go to the workshop for the actual build. From a simple paint change, wheel change, lowering your car, to a fully customized design with your own body kit. We’re flexible on possibilities with our clients. You can either go full custom, a unique design completely designed by us, or have us mock up your car with some of the very famous branded kits.

Virtual Tuning/Custom Prints


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Customer Reviews

Very friendly, professional guy with top work. Offers a speedy service for very reasonable pricing. Would definitely recommend!

Harry P, Aberystwyth U.K.

I came to VM for a rendering of how my car would look with a Rocket Bunny body kit. Very responsive, asked for feedback, gave me options. Great overall experience!

Fabian D, London U.K.

Glad I came across Virtual Mods for the edit. I would have wasted money on wheels that I wouldn't have liked. Cheers!

Connor R, Kent U.K.

I was provided a full visual representation of how my car would look with black alloys and tinted rear windows. It looked so realistic! Sam even suggested some car styling companies for the real work to be done. Thanks!

Dan M, Surrey U.K.

Second time I have used Virtual Modifications. Top service as always!

Jake V, Hampshire U.K.